Ballet Hero Fantasy is ground-breaking and amazing work!



“Ballet Hero Fantasy” has be in production by Takafumi Adachi (manga artist) with Steven McRae (the principal dancer of ROH) since 2013. The release of the English version of Episode 1, an official approval by the Prix de Lausanne, the sale of the manga comic in Japan….
The sale of the English version of the comic is being planned for 2016.

In the fall of 2015, an animation called “Brave Beats” by another company in Japan started.
That story is a boy turning into a hero to rescue “Dance World” and purify evil people, with the power of dance.

The details are different, but the plot is unmistakably similar to our Ballet Hero Fantasy. They have taken one of our most valuable settings, the anther world “Dance World”.
We were so confused.

Therefore, we decided to ask the staff of “Brave Beats” for a detailed investigation. …The result was: “it is not intentional and it is not a malicious imitation”.
Unfortunately, they did not have any comments regarding this issue. It was regrettable.

When creating something interesting, it could be coincidentally similar to something desirable elements from the preceding products. However, we were surprised that they offered no comments about their product with “similar” settings to our currently on-going manga. They thought that if they will apologize, it may lead to legally unfavorable position. That is, however, an unfounded fear.

In any case, we would encourage the contents that target boys of the dance. Our hope is to make many boys having interest in dance.

So, this issue means that our project was highly evaluated.
This proves that Ballet Hero Fantasy is ground-breaking and amazing work!

We declare that we are “most powerful members” to create the exciting ballet fantasy manga.

Steven and our dream has just begun.
Through Ballet Hero Fantasy, we intend to promote dance to the boys and girls all over the world. And they will notice the power of dreams.


Takafumi Adachi


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