“Ballet Hero Fantasy” was estimated by whole people it’s the best!

“Ballet Hero Fantasy feat. Steven McRae” was estimated by whole people it’s the best!


Because quite similar products has been announced!!
An animation similar to “Ballet Hero Fantasy” will be made this autumn by another group in Japan.

similar animation

similar animation

The setting of the animation is very similar to our manga, we are puzzled.
This is the synopsis of the animation.
<<A boy fight evils, and transformed into “Dance Hero” to save the different world “Dance World”>>
Oh … exactly what is our “Ballet Hero Fantasy”!!

Example, another world “Dance World” will use in the animation.
But another world “Dance World” is our creation!!

This is the "Dance World" !!

This is the “Dance World” !!

We began released “Ballet Hero Fantasy” from 2013…

Is the similar animation made for imitation? Or only the accident?
We’re commissioning to investigate to the animation staff.

Either way, we convinced.
Our manga is quite innovative, and that it’s valuable.

As a result, draft staff Ou-Hi of our manga convinced. Time has come to start …her new ideas of “Dance World”!!

We are looking for collaborators of this new project.
Come on, who win this??




BALLET HERO FANYASY manga episode sample


Buy episode 01 of English version!!


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