Ballet Hero Fantasy

Ballet Hero Fantasy (Adventure of Dan) featuring Steven McRae

Original Author/Copyright: Takafumi Adachi draft staff: OUHI
Supervisor:Steven McRae
Translator: Tomo Kimura


BALLET HERO FANTASY” is a new exciting series released under a collaboration with Steven McRae (the principal of The Royal Ballet).

Ballet manga so far had focused on the life of dancers and the growth and their conflict.
However, this work is different.
This is the true fantasy adventure story for boys!
I aim to create male dancers of the next generation, audiences, and to spread the ballet culture.
I hope you will notice that the ballet is the “magic” for real world.
Steven is the supervision of technique, and he gave us some idea of the story. I create all of the story plot with my planner Ou-Hi, and I create the scenario by myself every episode. And Japanese publisher Shinshokan supports us to build this manga. We are strongest team.
We are planning to release an English version for this series. I hope everyone around the world can enjoy this fantasy manga.

Takafumi Adachi  (since 2013)

What is the manga “Ballet Hero Fantasy”? → Sample page here!

What is the “Dance World”? → The world map is here!

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e-book of Ballet Hero Fantasy Adventure of Dan Featuring Steven McRae (English version) Now on sale!!

Japanese version here

*This version was translated by Japanese-manga translator, Tomo Kimura.
This version is true English version of BHF series.


The book of BALLET HERO FANTASY (Japanese version) is now on sale.

‘The 1st Book’ include
Episode 1 “Nutcracker”
Episode 2 “Swan Lake” first part
Episode 2 “Swan Lake” latter part
Episode 3 “Don Q” first part
‘Steven McRae story’ first part

‘The 2nd Book’ include
Episode 3 latter part
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
‘Steven McRae story’ latter part



Caution! Old English version released by SHINSHOKAN. It is not good translation.


LINE Stamp of  “Ballet Hero Fantasy” now on sale!!

McRae and I are holding a “hope” in the future.

Steven McRae of this manga is some different setting and age, it is fictitious. But, however, he is also genuine.


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